james_trimarco (ultradark) wrote,

Hey dogs! Shut up I'm Podcasting!

You might never realize, if you were not trying to record the audio to a story of about eleven thousand words that takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to read even without mistakes (and oh boy are there plenty!) how constantly dogs are barking in a place like, say, St. Petersburg, Florida. If you want an idea, well, check out next week's story on podcastle. Or, I'm not sure if it's going up next week. But if you listen carefully to the one I recorded, you occasionally hear dogs barking.

That reminds me of this story about a guy named Carl Weismann who was out recording bird songs for Danish State Radio. On every tape, he found himself chopping out the barking dogs. (Hmm, is that because stupid dogs are always barking, Carl?). Anyway, at the end he had this bowl of tape fragments big enough to be make-believe chips at a big party. So he started checking the pitch of each bark. Soon he found that he could arrange the individual barks to form a song. And thus, the immortal barking dogs "Pop Goes the Weasel" was born. Click here to hear them sing what appears to be "Reading and Writing and 'Rythmatic."

I would do that. But I'd have the dogs sing "Tainted Love" and the St. Pete dogs don't really sing on key.

Tags: florida, music

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